Monday, January 14, 2008

Last Weekend's Flea Market Findings & What I got in the Mail!

I went out to go to 4 Flea Markets on Saturday morning to continue my search for more NES games for the completion of my collection. The first Flea Market I hit I found:

  • Dr. Mario - $2
  • Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers - $6
  • Power Glove (Loose with no sensors) - $5

Not bad though. I did run into a seller who had games I was looking for like, TMNT 2, Mega Man 4, Double Dragon 2, but the prices were too steep for me. I mean come on, TMNT 2 for $14? Mega Man 4 for $18!? I'm sorry but that just ain't right with me.

I went to two other Flea Markets but they had nothing. The last one I visited had:

  • Kid Icarus - $4

Also, I got this game in the mail:

  • Gauntlet

And, well, that was it for this past weekend.

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