Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Finally! The Long Awaited Titles Have Arrived!!

f016_1.jpg picture by email2003Today I just got Ninja Gaiden 3. The best thing about this news
is it only costs me $8.98. And, this time, the cart came in great shape. Last week I also got my hands on G.I. Joe too. These were the last two games to finish off my collection but, I managed to eye more good NES titles so the NES collection campaign continues! The new NES titles am looking for now are:

  • Journey to Silius
  • Metal Storm
  • 2002287453667141652_rs.jpg picture by email2003Bucky O Hare
  • Shatter Hand
  • P.O.W.

Oh, forgot to mention that my sis found me a loose copy of Roller Games in good shape at a Pawn Shop in Austin, Texas.

Thanks sis.

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