Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

2008 is now over and gone. 2009 has arrived and I'm still continuing my NES collection. Last month I bought the so called cheap "Ninja Turtles" knockoff of Battletoads of of eBay for $9.50. Also last month I managed to buy another NES
accessory; the NES 15 Game Case. Yes I need a case since my NES collection is now reaching almost 80 games now. I never thought I would go this far with it.

PhotobucketOn my Christmas trip I headed down south to Brownsville, TX and I ran into a Flea Market and decided to check it out to see if they had any NES games to buy. Unfortunately I came empty handed since there was really nothing to buy. Their were some games but they were all in bad shape. Yes, I'm really picky about condition of my games. : ) Oh, and finally in the last month of December I finally bought myself a GameBoy. The original black / white, dot matrix GameBoy system. I decided to begin my collection of best GameBoy games for the system. There really isn't much but hey, it's a start. So that's it for now. 2009 is here and we'll see what I'll be aiming for this year. Who knows if I ever will complete the NES collection first since I keep finding more good games for it. As long as the price is good and not expensive as hell then I'll continue.

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