Monday, February 2, 2009

One More Added.....

PhotobucketConquest of the Crystal Palace or a.k.a Matendo Douji. Uhh....right? Anyways, I just finally bought this game and got it today. It's another one of those Japanese Famicom games in which they have anime-ish art style to make the game look even better. It's also another Photobucketone of those in where it comes from Japan, arrives in the USA and they change the box art, the name of the game and who knows what else they did with it. All I know is I bought it cause I love how some games like this and Clash at Demon Head...........ughhhhh.......a.k.a Dengeki Big Bang!, use anime art. I mean I love anime and I love how the Japanese handle their games back in the days. It's too bad the USA couldn't get more of these kinds of games from Japan. Or, maybe there is and their hiding under different names. Hmmmm............? It's funny how odd games like these are corporated by strange American game companies we have never heard of before.

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