Saturday, April 18, 2009

Metroid - DEFEATED!!!!

Last night I finally put away an old, classic NES game in Metroid. I began playing this game last weekend and really had no love for this game but I stuck through it and saw what makes this game so great. Of course without a map this game can get a little hard trying to remember where your going. Yes, I had a magazine that helped me get through this game but I did manage to find some of the items with out the map when I began playing. There really isn't much to this game. There's only 3 bosses and that's it. The whole point of this game is to explore the planet and find the upgrades and weapons you'll need to continue your mission, and try to not get lost and backtrack to where you need to go to continue the game.


Now, I beat this game and got the so called "Not so good ending." When I defeated the Mother Brain I got nothing but a couple of text and Samus just standing there and giving me a hands up for victory then the end credits started rolling. Typical Nintendo game ending but later I found out there are more endings to this game based on how long it takes you to beat it. Seems like I got the 5-10 HR and got this ending. Only difference in the endings is if I could've beaten this game within 2 HRS then I could have gotten the best ending with Samus revealing herself to be a female while she takes off her armor. That's it!? Bah! Who cares about the ending? I beat the game.....THE END!!!

So I defeated Metroid, now I must go after and buy the sequel on the GameBoy, Metroid 2: The Return of Samus. Once I beat the next Metroid game I'll finally get my hands on the so called "Greatest SNES Game" Super Metroid.

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