Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Zelda II & Zelda's 2nd Quest

Aghhh! Zelda II - The Adventure of Link is a great game but it isn't
so great when the blasted cartridge starts going nuts and freezes when your playing. I was so far into the game with about 4/6 crystals already and the damn game began to act up on me. It's real frustrating when you save the game 30 minutes ago then 30 minutes later the game locks up and makes you push the damn reset button making you lose all the progress you have gained during that time. So here I am thinking maybe the game needed some cleaning which would explain why the game must of been acting up so I clean the cartridge and I get nothing but a solid silver screen on my television set. The game still dirty? Or, maybe it could be the NES' pins. Well to make sure if that was the case I put in Legend of Zelda and the game worked just fine. I also manage to put in Contra, Super Mario Bros. 3 and they all work fine. So maybe it isn't the NES' pins then. Anyways, I put back in Zelda II and what do I get........the damn blasted silver screen again!!! WTF!? Could the cartridge be dead? After a couple of minutes later, I manage to get the game back up and running but with my saved file erased!! DAMN YOU ZEDLA II!!! All that work I put in to this game lost forever cause of the damn cartridge. My guess it's probably the damn save battery in the cart has gone bad. Just my luck.

So what's next!? Well, unfortunately I had to go back to eBay and find me another Zelda II game. *sigh* Now I'm going to have two Zelda II games in my stock. This one better work too! While Zelda II is on it's way I decided to go ahead and take the challenge on the 1st Legend of Zelda game and play the 2nd Quest. The 2nd Quest should keep me busy until the other Zelda game arrives in the mail.

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