Monday, July 6, 2009

"I am great! I have amazing Wisdom and Power!"

The Legend of Zelda is finally put to rest. Both quests are all done and conquered by me. It wasn't easy. The 2nd quest was really tough. The 2nd quest almost made every enemy twice as strong than the 1st quest. What's interesting about this 2nd quest is the dungeons themselves. Not only they're differently mapped from the 1st time you saw them but they managed to insert almost 2-3 bosses in each dungeon. Of course this task of taking on the 2nd quest isn't easy if I didn't have a map to go along. I don't see how anyone can play this game without a map. It's freakin' impossible! So now that it's over, where's my Zelda II game? Well, still not here. Aghh!! I guess I'll just have to wait this week for it's arrival.

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