Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween Havoc - Castlevania

It's the month of Halloween and after watching another installment of the Angry Video Game Nerd run through Castlevaina on NES I decided to do the same and keep the theme of Halloween as well. Now Castlevania on NES is freakin' hard. I have read so many tips, seen so many videos, and heard too many people state the game is not hard at all. Are you kidding me? I had a hard enough time trying to defeat the mummy men, then it was Frankenstein, then for a long period of time it was Death / Grim Reaper and finally I got through and had a shot against Dracula but failed to defeat him. Well, as of this past Saturday I didn't let Dracula beat me no more. I sat down one night and popped in Castlevania and made all the way to Dracula for the 2nd time in my life and once again got my ass handed to me.


I couldn't let Dracula beat me again another day so I killed myself for 2 hours trying to figure out a pattern, strategy and timing till I finally figured it out. Once finding a solution to defeat him, it was easy as pie all along the way. FINALLY, I put Dracula to fuckin' rest. I can believe Dracula as the final boss in this game but once you beat him in his first form then he transform into a huge beast! WTF!? The Japanese sure like to make a simple boss have some kind of strong power or transformation to make your experience much harder.

Castlevania was another of those games when I was a kid didn't play it or really didn't pay any attention to. The game was not good to me at all. Maybe it's due to too much Super Mario Bros. and TMNT games that made me really shut this game out of my early childhood. I bought this game at a Flea Market for $5 and let me tell you it was well worth the price. After all the fustrating deaths and Game Over's from this game, and maybe a couple of controller smashing to the ground, I can finally say, "I BEAT FREAKIN' CASTLEVANIA ON NES!!!!"

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