Monday, September 21, 2009

A Test of Island Courage!? Whatever!!!


Another one bites the dust. Star Tropics is defeated and boy what a pain in the ass game it was. With only eight chapters and several bosses the game came out to be ok but not great. This was more of a action / RPG game with no level build up or nothing. It was almost a Legend of Zelda type of game with every level or boss you beat you gain an extra heart of life. Anyway, the game is about a boy named Mike who's gone to some island to find his father who was told ended up missing so you set out all over these other islands to rescue him. Through out your adventure you'll encounter bosses, clues, and etc. before you meet up with your father in Chapter 6. The main plot is really not told yet until you meet Mike's father in which he explains about a spaceship and an evil alien who is behind the whole situation, blah, blah, blah, and now the real game begins. Chapter 7 & 8 are a pain in the ass. It doesn't matter if you have a full line of health or not the enemies in the game take up as most as 4 hearts when you get hit. As for Zoda, the main boss in the game, you have to fight him twice. In the final fight, if you get touched by him or stomped on, INSTANT DEATH!!!! You don't know how long or how many times it took me to finish him off. He takes more freakin' hits than any other boss in this game.

Oh well, forget this shit. So, what's my next NES game in line!?

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