Friday, August 14, 2009

Zelda Saga Concluded on NES!!

The Legend of Zelda saga is over on the NES. I managed to beat both Zelda games and I'm ready to jump over to the SNES to take on the challenge of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The final Zelda game on NES, Zelda 2, was quite a great run. It was kind of a pain in the ass to level up to make Link strong enough to face the palace bosses and the other enemies that were much more stronger every time you advanced through the game. As I stated before, I had to go through 2 game carts to finally put the nail in the coffin on Zelda 2. When I first bought Zelda 2 I had no idea the cart was defective. The only time I knew it was when I finally played it and the damn game happen to go screwy on me right when I was far in the game. Aghhh! That's when I had to go back to eBay and purchase another Zelda 2. But anyways, Zelda 2 is done and gone. Out of the 2 Zelda games on NES I rank Zelda 2 on top of the first Zelda. Every one states Zelda 2 was no way the same as the original but I think it was way better than the original. The sprites of the characters in this game were much more detailed and bigger than they were on the first Zelda game.

As for the bosses, some of them were quite difficult to defeat but after a while they have their weaknesses. In the final boss in this game was.........Shadow Link!? What!? No Gannon!? Wow! So the boss in this game was almost a Star Wars type of ordeal where Link had to fight his inner evil. Wicked!

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