Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Darkness Has Fallen Yet Again!!

Hey, how about that? I beat Ninja Gaiden 2 after a week of beating Ninja Gaiden. My thoughts? Well........this game doesn't seem to be hard compared to the previous but there sure are a ton of stupid birds, bats, and hawks flying towards you in every stage. The most annoying stages in this game had to be Stage 3 and Stage 7. The only positive for this game is when you meet up with the final boss, who is Jaquio once again, you don't start back at 7-1 like in Ninja Gaiden, but the game instead starts you at Stage 7-2. Fair enough!

Like the Nerd stated a couple of weeks ago in his video, the only nagging problem with this game is Stage 2 and Stage 6 where the environment is against you. Stage 2 has the wind blowing against you when your trying to jump platforms, and Stage 6 has slippery fllors cause it's an ice stage. Once again the game offers unlimited continues and has new items to use in the game. The clones in this game is a nice item to use but sometimes it seems they don't hit anything when your trying to attack. My favorite item has to be the fire wheel shield. It's a nice touch but it's timed. Aghhh, once more the final boss, who I thought it was a new villian in Ashtar, was Jaquio and you had to fight him in 3 forms again. Geezzz. Once again I beat him once, get killed in his second form, had to start and play Stage 7-2 all over again, I beat his second form, lose to his third form, and finally beat him.

Another Ninja Gaiden in the books for me. Just one more game to go and I can finally say I have beaten all the Ninja Gaiden games. Well, there is one, the arcade game, but that's different and will have a chance to play it another day. Next up is Ninja Gaiden 3: The Ancient Ship of Doom.

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