Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Nunchuck Fuck!"

LOL! Yeah, the AVGN last week did a video on Ninja Gaiden on NES. Boy it was harlious!!! During the video he mentioned he had never beaten Ninja Gaiden in like 2o years. Well, today I felt quite anxious and decided to give Ninja Gaiden a try. Now before I continue I like to mention that I have already played and beat Ninja Gaiden a couple of years ago but on an NES emulator with save states and etc. So was I up for the most difficult challenge in NES history!? Let's find out!!!

During the day I was playing Master Blaster for the first time and it pissed me off cause I made it as far as Area 4 and I had already used up all my continues so GAME OVER!! Aghhhh!! I put that game aside and tried out Battletoads. Well, I tried to get past level 3 but still couldn't Damn it! Then I came across Ninja Gaiden and decided to give it a shot to see how far I can go into one of the most hardest games in the NES catalog. I was doing fine up until level 5-3. It was giving me such a fit but managed to get through. Alright, here goes, level 6-1. The dredded level 6 of Ninja Gaiden!!! According to the Angry Video Game Nerd, it's such an ease to get past 6-1, but 6-2 is the pain in the ass. Well I got to the so called most "difficult part of the stage" and yes I did suffer a ton of deaths during my run. But after time, time, and time of getting killed, I was trying to find a way to get through. The Nerd states you have to trigger a glitch for the enemy to dissapear to jump across the platform. Well Nerd, your correct! You can trigger this glitch and it works just about most of the time if you time it well and see the enemy walk backwards off the screen.

So Once I got to the final three bosses, I managed to defeat the first but got my ass handed to me by the second boss. Crap!! Back to 6-1 again! This is the worst part of the entire game. When you loss during the boss battles in Stage 6 you go back to 6-1 and have to work your way back up again!! After almost 2 hours are so I managed to reach back to the boss room and your fight with the second boss begins. Only problem is your life isn't restored. So I beat the second boss after some time of dying and playing all of stage 6 time after time, I finally reached the final boss. The Nerd states he has never made it this far but I have. It's actually the second time in my life. Once again I get my ass handed to me by the final boss, made my way through stage 6 again for like 3 times and then finally I beat the final boss!!! God damn! My fuckin' thumb is red, sore, and feels like a blister is about to be formed. I'm not kidding.

And there you have it, Ninja Gaiden. One of the hardest, fuckin' fustrating games ever on NES. I feel proud of myself in the fact that I managed to beat this game far and square with no save states, cheats, and etc. AVGN, I'm sorry to say but all that training you did in that video with the ninja, well, your going to have to work and train even harder with your thumbs just as much as I did. :)

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