Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Yo Joe!" Part II

Finally! Destro and Cobra Commander look like themselves.
I am now done with the whole G.I. Joe NES game series. G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor is the 2nd game and the sequel to G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. The only difference here is the game was made by Capcom, who
are gods in making games for the NES, while the 1st G.I. Joe game was made by some other company. The game begins off telling how the Joes defeated Cobra Commander and his forces but somehow Cobra has found some power of the island of Atlantis to be brought back to life and has powered his troops once again with more powerful villains and weapons. The G.I. Joe squad now consists of General Hawk, Snake Eyes, Duke, Road Block, Storm Shadow, and Wet Suit. Other characters make an appearance but are not playable. As for Corba, they have villains of Cobra Commander, Destro, Firefly, Cesspool, Overkill, and Major Bludd. Firefly?
Cesspool? Overkill? Once again these are names I've never heard from the actual series.

This game is much more superior than the previous one. It has more weapons to choose from and they all have the ability to become stronger by upgrading by maxing them out to LV.4. Your weapons are your fists and kicks, a rifle, a laser rifle, a wave blaster, and a rocket launcher. The laser rifle is much more effective compared to the other weapons. Speaking of Corba, Capcom finally got the characters for Destro and Cobra Commander right this time. Comparing these characters from the 1st G.I. Joe game is a no contest. The game can be annoying at times when you get killed. When getting killed in battle, your "WOUNDED!" and all your powering up your life bar and your weapons get downgraded. All that hard work just to piss you off.

It's too bad Capcom couldn't make another G.I. Joe game cause this one is one of my favs. I recall renting this game when I was a kid and playing the hell out of it. Only problem was I never really made it past the 1st stage. It was great finding this game at a flea market for $4.50. If you manage to find a copy on eBay the game runs you at around $11-$16. Overall, this game is a classic and is a must get if you haven't tried it out yet. Also, if your a G.I. Joe fan, like me, there's no way you could pass this up. I'm willing to bet both these NES G.I. Joe games are going to bet better than the upcoming G.I. Joe games based off the movie coming in this week.

"And now I know!"

"And knowing is half the battle!"

"Yo JOE!"

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